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Direct Access to the State Court Repository
Direct Access to the State Court Repository provides the most comprehensive, online, real-time instant Colorado Court Records available. It’s the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to retrieve criminal, civil, domestic and traffic cases directly from the State of Colorado Court Record Repository. Your search can cover all Colorado counties including Denver County. Because the court records are updated in real-time, more than 1,000 times each day you get access to the most current information available.

Individual Search

Search public records for cases associated with an individual’s name. CO Justice searches millions of up-to-the-minute Colorado court records in five major case categories:

  • Criminal
  • Civil
  • Traffic
  • Domestic
  • Small Claims
Business Civil Lawsuits Search

Search civil lawsuits filed in all Colorado courts either by – or against – a particular business. Information provided will include, but is not limited to:

  • Parties involved in the case
  • Case number
  • Case filing date
  • The court in question
  • Schedule of case events
  • Case outcome